How to File a New Claim for Unemployment

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When you lose your job, you may be worried about the loss of income. Filing a new claim for unemployment benefits can help to alleviate that fear. If you qualify for unemployment, you can get weekly compensation for each week that you remain unemployed. Qualifications vary by state, but generally you need to have lost your job and have worked a certain number of hours in the state during the past 18 months.

Get all of your personal information together in preparation to file for unemployment. Usually you need to have your Social Security number, your driver's license number, your mailing address, your phone number and your complete employment history for the past 18 months. Some states also require that you have the EIN for your most recent employer, which you can find on your W-2. If your state offers direct deposit, you will also need your checking account number and routing number.

Visit the website for your state unemployment office to see what your filing options are. Typical filing options include online filing, filing by phone or filing in person.

Submit your unemployment claim with your state unemployment office. Regardless of your filing method, you will need to be prepared to answer questions regarding why you are no longer employed with your most recent employer.