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How to Design a Career Fair Booth

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At a career fair, companies come together to showcase their business to potential employees, such as college students or adult job seekers. If you are preparing your company’s career fair booth, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Your booth not only must attract potential candidates, but also provide information to them once they approach.

Research the specifics of your presentation space. Find out the dimensions of the space and your access to electrical outlets, for example. Keep these specifications in mind as you design your booth and presentation materials.

Write a list of the company's goals for the job fair. These may include recruiting, informing, teaching or guiding curious applicants. Use this list to help you prepare the information you give to candidates.

Write a short summary of what the company is about, who it serves and what products or services are available.

Create a display or presentation board for the booth. Include the name of the company and the logo, so people can recognize it from far away. Use only colors associated with the company. For example, Coca-Cola would not use green or blue to attract customers, as red is the color associated with the brand.

Add pictures to your display board to add visual interest. Use images that reflect the work, products or atmosphere of working with your company. Make the display creative, but keep it professional.

Print literature -- such as business cards, brochures, job applications and sign-up sheets for courses -- so visitors to the booth have something to bring home. The more you bring for the candidates, the bigger chance that someone will contact the company regarding a job.

Create a draw or contest for candidates attending the career fair. Attract them to the booth by promising a prize. Drawings are a potential ice breaker for those who may not approach you otherwise.