How to Describe a Retail & Sales Manager on a Resume

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Skills learned as a retail and sales manager may qualify you for several positions in the retail and sales management industries. To land a job in those industries, you will need a professional resume that highlights your experience, qualifications and skills. By levering your experience against your skills, you can create a professional resume that helps get an interview for a job you want.

Write a summary of your work experience as a retail and sales manager directly under the resume title. Highlight your best sales achievement in one to two sentences. For example, if you created a new display system that increased the sale of certain products, discuss that achievement in your summary. Summarize your management experience, focusing on your best aspects. For example, if you decreased company turnover, explain how in your summary.

Create a list of three to 10 special qualifications you have, such as processing inventory, managing client, creating invoices and recruiting new employees. Only list qualifications that relate to sales or management. Add your qualifications as a bullet point list below your summary.

Create a title for your previous work history, such as "Professional Experience." List your previous work history in reverse chronological order under your title. Starting with your current or most recent job, list the name of the company, your professional title and the dates of your employment. Add a summary of your work experience that show how this job taught you sales or management skills. While not every job you list must come from the sales or management industry, you should use the summary to focus your work toward those industries.

Add a section for your educational background. Create a title for the section, such as "Education." List your educational experience in reverse chronological order. For college and high school coursework, list any degrees you received or courses you took related to sales and management. If you participated in any training courses related to the sales or management industry, list these under your education as well.

Add a section to highlight your skills. Create a title for your skills list, such as "Professional Skills." Create a bullet point list of technical or work related skills you posses. Focus your skills around the sales and management industry. For example, you might say you have a knowledge of payroll systems, cash registers or inventory software.


Focus your qualifications and skills on topics that would appeal to a hiring manager in the retail or management industry.

Keep your resume short and pointed. Ideally, your resume should print onto one page.