How to Create a Facebook Business Page

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Whether you run an online craft boutique as a side hustle, work in an industry where personal branding is necessary or want to promote your small business, a Facebook business page provides an opportunity to connect with customers, clients and the public. Pages have a low barrier to entry and should be part of any larger social media plan. After creating your page, consider your posting goals and start planning content to expand your reach.

What Is a Business Page on Facebook?

A page on Facebook is the business or institution equivalent of a personal profile. It accumulates "likes" and "followers" instead of friends and provides access to a number of promotional and analytical tools. With a page, you can run ad campaigns and measure their effectiveness. You can also track the performance of your posts with Facebook's insights to see how many people you reached, how many clicks your posts got, the number of people who follow a link to a destination site such as your portfolio, store or blog and total engagement.

Like a profile, the business page can share links, text-based posts, photos and videos and film Facebook Live broadcasts. Ideally, you will manage your business page like a profile but from a brand versus personal perspective. You should share content that engages readers in an organic fashion and avoids gimmicky posts to boost likes, shares or comments.

Why You Need a Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page provides an opportunity for anyone in a field that requires customer or community outreach to establish a social media presence without inviting the public to "friend" your personal Facebook profile. For journalists, politicians or celebrities it can help separate posts for friends and family from the news that needs to be shared with a larger audience. Artists and crafters may find a niche page helps reach more customers or craft enthusiasts than a personal profile. It is important to note that while operating a business page can help shelter your personal profile from a fan or casual followers, you should still operate your personal profile in a professional manner and ensure it complies with any social media policies defined by your employer or any business partners.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

To create a Facebook business page, all you need is a personal profile to get started. The page will attach to this profile and can be assigned to additional users such as an assistant for management.

Create the Page

Log in to your personal profile on Facebook, then visit www.facebook.com/business/learn/set-up-facebook-page and click the "Create a page" button.

Select Your Page Categories

Select the type of page you need. Facebook features categories for businesses, brands and products, artists and personalities, companies and institutions, causes and entertainment. Drop down menus allow you to further define your page. For example, under personalities, you can select artist, chef, journalist or magician. Local businesses provide address information and brands choose a category of service.

Name Your Page

Enter the desired name of your page and Facebook will verify the name is available and prompt you to add a profile and cover photo. After this step, the page is created.

Complete Your Profile

Fill out your profile with additional information about your business or brand. Consider adding a website link, contact information and available hours.

Select a Username

Select a username for your business. When you name your page, it is for the display window. Selecting a username provides you with a custom URL on Facebook, such as www.facebook.com/mybusiness.

Plan a Content Calendar

Plan a content calendar. For a new page, posting once per day is OK, but you need to prepare a game plan for long-term growth that incorporates sharing a variety of content including photos, videos and text. If you are using the page for promotional purposes, always promote your products or services in a way that provides value for the follower. For example, painters can show readers part of the creative process while a photographer can offer tips or a behind-the-scenes look at photo shoots to promote the business.

Promoting a Facebook Business Page

If your Facebook business page is for a business or public-facing career, you can invite your friends and family to like the page and follow your posts. However, you need to invest in promoting the page beyond your immediate circles if you want it to grow. Sharing quality content is the best way to grow an audience long-term and Facebook provides advertising options for pages that want to get ahead. The Facebook Ad manager allows you to advertise to gain likes or to promote an individual post.