How to Become Licensed to Sell Insurance in Michigan

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Selling insurance is a stable profession that offers advancement opportunities and presents a challenge to those who make a career of it. Whether the economy is booming or tanking, people always need insurance, and an agent to sell it to them. Insurance needs encompass everything from automobile coverage to long-term care protection, so if you want to specialize, there are plenty of fields from which to choose. If you plan to sell insurance in Michigan, you will need a license before knocking on the first door.

Secure prelicense certification. Course study is required for prospective agents in the fields of accident, life, property and casualty insurance. A list of state-approved providers of prelicensing education is available from the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation (MOFIR). Once you have your prelicense certificate in hand, you have 12 months to take the insurance examination.

Waive the prelicense education requirement. You are eligible for a prelicense-education waiver if you have completed specific insurance courses from an accredited college or university recognized by the state of Michigan. If you meet the course requirements, send written documentation and your request to MOFIR. If your qualifications match the department’s criteria, you’ll receive a written waiver of the prelicense-education requirement.

Register for and schedule the examination. With your prelicense certification in hand, contact Prometric, the state’s authorized testing center. Besides general information like name and Social Security number, you’ll need picture identification when you register. Registration for testing is available online, onsite at Prometric’s local test center or by calling the firm’s regional registration center. There is a fee for the examination, which is payable when you schedule the test. For a nominal fee, you can take an online practice exam in the areas of life, health or property/casualty insurance.

Apply for your insurance license. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners provides the Uniform Application for Insurance Producer License that you fill out after you have passed the examination and submitted it to MOFIR. When the department approves your application, your Michigan license will be mailed to you.


You must score 70 or above to pass the insurance examination. Continuing insurance education is required by the state of Michigan.


Examinations are continuously monitored by walk-throughs and video surveillance. All testing sessions are recorded. You are prohibited from communication of any sort during the testing process.