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Florida CAM License Requirements

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A community association manager, sometimes referred to as CAM, requires a license to practice legally in the state of Florida. You need a CAM license if you receive monetary compensation for your services, and if the associations you serve have more than 10 units or have a yearly budget of more than $100,000.

You Must Be 18 or Older

One of the requirements to obtain your CAM license is to file the application with the Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers. In the state of Florida, you must be at least 18 years old to apply. The fee at the time of publication was $50. You can apply online with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or turn in a paper application.

Submit Electronic Fingerprints

Many licenses in Florida, including the CAM license, now require the applicant to submit electronic fingerprints so a background check can be processed. You are required to have the electronic fingerprinting done at designated Pearson VUE location. Electronic fingerprints are not cheap. As of the time of publication, you will have to pay about $50. Despite the fingerprint requirement, if you have a previous conviction it is still possible to receive your CAM license. Each case is reviewed individually.

Pre-Licensure Education

You will need to enroll in and complete 18 hours of pre-licensure education in a period of no longer than 12 months prior to your examination date. Only hours with approved providers are accepted as valid. Topics covered in the courses include insurance, finance, management, and Florida state and U.S. federal laws and governing documents.


There are over $250 worth of fees that must be paid in order to receive your Florida CAM license. In addition to the approximately $100 needed for the application and fingerprints, there is also the cost of the examination, $73 at the time of publication. If you pass the exam, you can pay the final $100 fee for the license itself.

Pass the State Examination

You must pass a state examination within 12 months of completing your state approved pre-license education courses in order to receive your Florida CAM license. Once you have passed the examination, your license will be issued within 10 business days by the department.


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