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How to Become a Schlage Lock Distributor

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Schlage is the exclusive supplier of a selection of door hardware products, including high-quality locks. It is a leader in the door safety industry, offering both traditional keys and the latest in lock technology with its use of codes and cards. Schlage has been around for over 85 years and is supported by Ingersoll Rand, a $17 billion company that backs the largest group of hardware stores in the United States. Schlage welcome distributors to join them in the sales process, and they make it easy to sign up as a distributor on their website.

Go to the Schlage consumer website. Schlage has a website for professional installers and a regular consumer site,

Navigate to the "Distributors" page. Find this page by moving your pointer over the tab that says "Service and Support," which is located on the fifth tab to the right at the top of the page. A drop-down menu will appear with more options -- move your pointer over the option "Trade Professionals" located on the fifth option down. Another menu will appear with three new options. Choose the option that says "Distributors" by clicking on it. This will bring you to a special page for distributors.

Click the link to “Trane Residential Services” at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to the Trane homepage, where you will find the appropriate distributor application.

Navigate from the Trane website to the Ingersoll Rand website. Click the link on the left of the page that says “For Suppliers.” It is the seventh link down on the list. On the supplier page, click the link to the Ingersoll Rand supplier site.

Under the “Products and Services” section on the left side of the website, click on the link that says “For Suppliers.” Then click on the top banner on the right side of the new page. This banner says, “Become an Ingersoll Rand Supplier.”

Fill out all fields on the “New Supplier Registration.” This form requires company information, contact information and tax information.

Read the “Business Partner Code of Conduct.” It goes over the company's values and details their expectations for distributors. According to the Ingersoll Rand website, the company expects all distributors to abide by these guidelines.


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