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How to Become a Registered Agent in Florida

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A registered agent is an individual or business designated to receive official mailings and service of process for a legally recognized business entity. In the state of Florida, businesses are organized through the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations. Legally organized businesses include corporations, limited-liability companies and limited partnerships are required to designate a resident agent when the company is formed. You can become a resident agent in the Florida and offer this service to business organizations by meeting some basic requirements.

Reside in Florida. To be a resident agent in the state of Florida, you are required to maintain Florida residency and have a Florida office or home business address that you can use to accept official mailings and process of service for businesses that designate you as their resident agent.

Sign the appropriate form. When companies are organized in Florida, they have to designate a resident agent. In addition, companies can change their resident agent designation at any time by completing the appropriate form and paying a filing fee.

Notify the businesses you represent in your capacity as a resident agent, if you have any change of address. You are legally required in Florida to notify the state and all businesses if you change your registered office address.


In Florida, no license, exam or fee is required to become a registered agent. A company can designate any person residing in Florida as the resident agent for that business.