How to Become a United Health Care Insurance Agent

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When many people first make contact with an insurance company, it is through an insurance sales agent. At UnitedHealthcare, these external producers are referred to as brokers, not agents. UnitedHealthcare brokers sell insurance products to individuals and businesses primarily to cover health care. Brokers at UnitedHealthcare are considered captive agents because they work exclusively for the company. In order to become a broker with UnitedHealthcare, you must take the following steps.

Obtain authorization to represent UnitedHealthcare and its products by entering into a legal agreement with the company and securing an appointment by them. An agent/agency agreement must be signed along with a Request for Appointment of Insurance Producer form.

Verify method in which you would like to receive commissions. For aspiring brokers seeking to assign commissions to another individual or business, there is a specific form that must be completed. A direct-deposit authorization form must also be completed.

Provide copies of current license. All prospective brokers seeking employment with UnitedHealthcare must be licensed in accident, life, and health insurance by the state in which they intend to sell UnitedHealthcare products.

Submit all documentation to the appropriate UnitedHealthcare credentialing office for the state in which you reside.


Both the individual agent and an authorized representative for the agency require a separate agreement in instances where a prospective broker works with an agency that is also requesting an appointment with UnitedHealthcare. Prior to submitting documentation, verify that all forms are signed and dated. As a broker, be prepared to take ongoing classes that are provided by UnitedHealthcare.


Make sure that all required licenses are current before submitting documentation.