How to Become a Realtor in Virginia

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Many savvy investors keep their eye on the real estate market because even in a slowing economy, decent money can be made in this industry. Realtors are the link between investor/consumer and the house of their dreams, and they get paid handsomely for it. Becoming a Realtor is not as difficult as one might think and is a task that can be undertaken by any individual.

Sign up and take the pre-licensing class required by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Make sure to take this 60-hour class from an accredited school recommended by your local realty organization.

Schedule and pass the pre-licensing exam covering topics covered by the pre-licensing class.

Schedule and pass the Virginia licensing exam.

Find a local broker that you want to work with and become one of his agents. You must complete this step within one year of passing your licensing exam, or you will have to retake the test.

Begin buying and selling houses; you're now a fully licensed realty agent. Continue to take classes and attend seminars to increase your knowledge and expertise to better serve your clients.


Starting off working as a licensed personal assistant is a great way to gain knowledge and expertise.


Being a Realtor will require working hard, long hours to score that sale. Staying focused and determined is the only way to succeed.

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