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How to Become an Administrator in an Assisted Living Facility in Florida

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The goal of an assisted-living facility is to provide residents with the proper level of care they require while maintaining a home-like atmosphere. Residents in these facilities don’t require 24-hour nursing care, but still need some help with their daily activities. In order to become the administrator in one of these facilities in Florida, individuals are required to undergo specific training courses and pass a core competency test. As with other staffing positions in an assisted living facility, those applying for the position of an administrator must pass background screening.


Choose a date to begin your core competency training. These weeklong courses are offered throughout the state at different times so you’ll need to choose a course based on its proximity to your location. This course must be taken because registration for the Core Competency Test is dependant upon completion of this course.

Register for your chosen core training course. Core training courses can be registered for both by mail and online. The Florida Assisted Living Association website provides a printable registration form for those who choose not to register online. The fee for this course is $385 that must be paid in full when you’re registering.

Attend your scheduled classes. Classes begin daily at 8 a.m. and continue until 4:30 p.m. throughout the week. On the first day of classes you’ll receive the Regulatory Guidebook and Administrator’s Manual to help you with your preparation.

Pick a date and location to take the Core Competency Test. The exam is administered by the University of South Florida and is offered at various locations throughout the state. Registration needs to be completed at least 10 business days before the actual exam. If you’ve chosen to take your exam right after you’ve completed the training course, you need to make sure that the trainer has enough time to verify that you’ve completed the course (six business days before the exam). The $125 registration fee can only be paid by money order or business check and is mailed along with the application form.

Study for your test. Use your notes and the manuals you were provided with to help you prepare for the test.

Arrive at the test location by the check-in time you were given upon completing registration. The only things you’re allowed to bring with you are identification and several sharpened No. 2 pencils. The test is comprised of 100 questions and will take approximately two hours to complete.

Receive your test scores roughly three weeks after the exam date. Those who have successfully completed the exam will be given a wallet-sized license that proves they’ve met Florida Statute 429.52(3) requirements. With this certification individuals can apply for the position as an assisted-living facility administrator.


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