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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Maryland

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The biggest hurdle to obtaining a real estate license in Maryland is completion of a 60-hour licensing course. You also have to pass a state exam and have an affiliation with a broker.

Typical Background Requirements

You can complete the 60-hour coursework for a real estate license in a traditional classroom, remotely or through home study. At least three hours of ethics must be included. To transition from an agent's license to a broker's license, you must complete an additional three-hour ethics class and serve responsibly under a broker for three years.

The Maryland Real Estate Commission website has a list of approved education providers. The MREC also oversees state licensing exam testing for both salespeople and brokers.

Additional Licensing Requirements

The minimum age for a Maryland agent is 18. Successful licensing applicants must also exhibit good character. Before a real estate salesperson's license is approved, the applicant must have obtained authorization from a broker for affiliation.

College courses in real estate are generally accepted in lieu of the licensing class. A practicing lawyer in Maryland may also get a waiver of the education requirements for a real estate license. After getting a license, you can become a Realtor by joining a local office of the National Association of Realtors.


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