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How to Become a North Face Distributor

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Outdoor clothing and gear retailer The North Face has sells more than a billion dollars in merchandise every year. While the company does operate its own stores, a large portion of its sales comes through distributors. To become a North Face distributor, you must apply and go through a qualification process.

Pre-Qualification Requirements

As a first step, VF Imagewear, -- the North Face parent company -- requires prospective distributors to pass a pre-qualification review The information you supply about your business, inventory purchase history, sales staff and customer base will determine whether VF moves forward by asking for additional marketing and credit information or declines your distributorship request. If VF does move forward, getting approved will take an additional three to four weeks.

Submit Sales and Marketing Plans

You can improve your chances of becoming a distributor by creating sales and marketing plans developed specifically for North Face products. Describe what sets your business apart from competitors, talk about your vision and tell VF how you intend to incorporate North Face products into long-term business growth plans. Also, make sure your business credit rating -- and credit limit --can support a $50,000 minimum annual purchase requirement.


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