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Job Description of Commercial Executive

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Commercial accounts, or corporate clients, often represent a company's major source of revenue. As such, senior management wants commercial executives to develop strategic relationships with clients to boost sales in the short and long terms.

Tasks and Expectations

A commercial executive interacts with corporate clients and inquires about their needs. He sells products and services to existing accounts that continue to present sales opportunities and seeks new accounts.

Education and Training

A commercial executive usually has a bachelor’s degree in business management or marketing, although some professionals hold master’s degrees in business-related fields.

Qualitative Abilities

A commercial executive must have business acumen, expertise in sales development, effective leadership aptitude and good communication skills.


In 2010, the median annual earnings of a commercial executive were $74,000, according to the career information website Indeed.

Career Development

A commercial executive can boost her promotion chances if she carries out duties satisfactorily and regularly participates in professional seminars and industry symposia.

Working Conditions

A commercial executive works a standard 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. shift on weekdays but may stay late at the office to meet business requirements.


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