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What Is Corporate Aviation?

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Corporate aviation meets the needs of businesses that utilize personal air transportation rather than relying on commercial carriers for business travel. Sometimes called business aviation, it allows business people to travel as necessary without the inconvenience of scheduling trips around commercial carrier flight schedules.


Corporate aviation is the use of aircraft by companies for the transport of passengers or goods for business purposes. Aircraft used in corporate aviation is generally not available for public hire. Pilots of corporate aircraft usually have a commercial pilot license with an instrument rating.


Corporate aviation uses various types of aircraft from single-engine aircraft to helicopters and larger planes for international flights. All aircraft and pilots are subject to FAA regulations. Corporate aircraft is often equipped with special amenities to meet the needs of business executives.


Corporate aviation employs the use of company-owned aircraft, air-taxi operations and time-share ownership of aircraft. Time-share ownership is often purchased through companies that provide aircraft and personnel for business travel.