How to Become a Mystery Shopper Scheduler

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Mystery shopper schedulers are responsible for locating and choosing shoppers to complete mystery shopping assignments. Much of their work is done over the Internet, but they may need to get on the phone to find shoppers for hard-to-fill mystery shopper jobs.

Some companies hire schedulers to work in their offices, so they must live near where the mystery shopping company is located. However, there are many companies that allow schedulers to work from home anywhere in the country.

Many mystery shopper schedulers are at-home moms who want to earn money without having to work outside the home. Although there are deadlines that must be met, often the scheduler can work while children are in school or asleep.

Here is how you can be a mystery shopper scheduler.

Get experience as a mystery shopper. Most companies prefer to hire schedulers who know the industry and have secret shopping experience, and may choose someone who has done a lot of mystery shopping for them.

Do a great job. Although mystery shopping and scheduling require some different skills, the attention to detail and excellent writing skills that make someone a great mystery shopper will also make them a great scheduler.

Get MSPA Gold Certified. Although certification is not required to become a mystery shopper, many companies give preference to Gold shoppers when choosing shoppers and schedulers.

Let your schedulers know you are interested in scheduling. Other schedulers are often the first to know when their companies are looking to hire. If you have a good relationship, they may be willing to recommend you.

Prepare a resume. Include your mystery shopping experience as well as any management experience. High-speed Internet access and a good long distance telephone program are important, so let them know if you have them.

Send your resume to mystery shopping companies. Let them know that you are interested when they have an opening. Many will keep your resume on file, especially if they know your work as a secret shopper.

Apply to scheduling services, too. These are companies that provide scheduling for mystery shopping companies.

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