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How to Become a Member of a Rotary Club

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The Rotary Foundation is an international club with about 33,000 locations around the world. Members are required to attend weekly meetings, and volunteer in areas that include education, job training and health. Membership into the Rotary Club is by invitation only, but the organization welcomes members from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Make sure that you meet the requirements for membership. All members must currently hold or be retired from an executive, professional, managerial, proprietary or community job position. Members must also have demonstrated a commitment to their community through service, and live or work within 20 miles of the club.

Contact your local club and ask to submit your name to the membership committee. If you know a current member, you can also ask them to sponsor you and submit a referral on your behalf.

Attend several meetings to meet other members and find out more about the club. If the club decides that you are a good match for their organization, you will be extended an invitation to officially join the club.

Participate in the new member induction ceremony. Each club conducts its own ceremonies throughout the year.


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