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How to Volunteer in Addiction Recovery in Atlanta, Georgia

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When someone -- whether a close friend or a complete stranger -- is attempting to recover from drug or alcohol addiction, a combination of several factors can determine the extent to which she will succeed or fail. Beyond any medical detoxification programs this might entail, the moral support -- even just listening -- can be just what she needs to get her life back on track. If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and want to volunteer in addiction recovery, there are many ways you can do so.

Contact an Atlanta-specific rehabilitation clinic, such as the Atlanta Recovery Center or Breakthrough Addiction Recovery, and inquire about volunteering opportunities therein. Call the Atlanta Recovery center at 1-877-755-5719 or Breakthrough Addiction Recovery at 770-933-6846 and ask the respective representative how you can volunteer.

Volunteer with local Atlanta chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous if you're also a recovering addict and want to give back to your community. In addition to acting as a leader during meetings, you can sponsor another recovering addict and lead him to success as you've experienced it in your own life. To find local meetings, see the "Resources" links.

Peruse the "Volunteer" section of your local classified ads -- in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, for example -- or search Atlanta's "Craigslist" Web page at Search for opportunities that relate to drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Become a member of the Metro Atlanta Task Force, or MATF, and volunteer to help homeless citizens recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Call the MATF at 1-800-448-0636 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


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