How to Become a Honda Motorcycle Dealer

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Honda motorcycles fall under Honda's Powersports brand. Honda Powersports include motorcycles, All Terrain Vehicles, personal watercraft, and scooters. As a Honda Motorcycle dealer you'll sell parts and accessories. You're going to need to produce a large upfront investment.

Demonstrate high sales success, including a prior sales background, preferably in cars or motorcycles. Honda Motorcycle dealers are required to display a strong commitment to customer service. You must possess the ability to hire a strong and knowledgeable staff.

Decide whether to choose a new location or buy an existing location. As a Honda Powersports dealer you will have access to the most complete inventory of Honda Motorcycles available.

Get qualified. Provide Honda Powersports with your initial investment. Honda Powersports require anywhere between $500,000 and $2 million as an upfront capital investment. Fill out all necessary Honda Powersports authorized dealer forms. Make sure you have a lawyer or financial adviser read all documents with you.

Decide on your compensation program. Honda motorcycle dealers receive either a fixed percentage of every sale made or a revenue sharing compensation plan. If your capital needs are more pressing, a fixed percentage program may be your best alternative to see immediate returns. Consult with a financial adviser to determine which compensation plan is right for you.

Consummate the sale. As a dealer of Honda motorcycles you're required to undergo extensive ongoing sales training. You're also required to keep a trained staff of knowledgeable technicians who are familiar with Honda motorcycle parts and accessories.