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How to Become a FedEX Authorized Shipping Center

FedEX is a worldwide logistics and shipping company. FedEX offers its customers a network of FedEX Authorized Service Centers (FASC). These service centers provide customers with free FedEX packaging and accept shipment of both FedEX Express and FedEX Ground packages. To become an FASC, your business must meet basic FedEX program requirements and complete an online application. FedEX will notify you by phone if your business is accepted into the FASC program.

Open a web browser on your computer and go to FedEx's online authorized shipping center application (see Resources).

Ensure you meet the minimum requirements to join the FASC program. The qualifications include operating a pack-and-ship store as your primary business, having a retail storefront with regular business hours and Internet access, having a calibrated 100-pound scale and offering both FedEx Express and Ground services.

Click the "Next" button once you confirm that you meet all requirements of the FASC program.

Continue the online application, agreeing to all terms and conditions and entering the requested information about your business.

Wait for FedEX to review your application. FedEX will notify you by phone if you are accepted into the FASC program and send you all the necessary paperwork and equipment.


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