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How to Become a Certified Phlebotomist in Ohio

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With a phlebotomy certification, you can work within the medical field, drawing blood and other bodily fluid samples. Obtaining a phlebotomy certification doesn't require the same amount of schooling as other, more in-depth, medical jobs. The schooling for this certification can often be completed in six months to a year. If you live in the state of Ohio, and would like to work in this field, seeking certification is your first step.

Select a body from which to seek certification. There is not just one certifying body for phlebotomists in the state of Ohio, but instead three national certification organizations from which you can select. The American Society for Clinical Pathology, the Association of Phlebotomy Technicians and the National Phlebotomy Association all certify these professionals. While each of these organizations has slightly different certification requirements, all include a mixture of in-class time, clinical practice and the completion of a certification exam. If you already know where you might like to work, call this potential future employer and inquire as to which organization they prefer.

Complete a certified phlebotomy program. Select a school that is accredited by the organization through which you would like to be certified. By doing so, you ensure that the program that you complete is specifically tailored to meet the organization’s certification requirements.

Complete the certification exam. In most cases, you will take the certification exam as the final test in your phlebotomy program. There is often a fee associated with these exams, but the exact amount varies depending upon the certification organization you select. Prepare for this exam using the resources that your instructors provide to ensure that you are ready to demonstrate the necessary skill.