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How to Setup a Psychology Today Profile

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Psychology Today allows therapists to sign up and complete a therapist profile for a monthly fee. The professional profile allows potential clients to search for the services you offer, find your profile, view your credentials and contact you if they are interested. The Psychology Today profile allows therapists to add a photo and personal statement; list in-depth specialties and qualifications; add contact information for address, phone, email and website; and include a Psychology Today verification seal that lets clients know the therapist is qualified. After creating a professional profile, Psychology Today sends the profile to major search engines and adds the information to The Therapy Directory. The directory is visible on the site, as well as through Psychology Today’s advertising and partner sites.

Visit the Psychology Today website and click on Find a Therapist from the options at the top of the screen. Select Therapist Sign-Up from the scroll-down menu. A page will display the benefits of setting up a profile and it gives therapist the option to “Begin Sign-up Now.” The profile setup process consists of four steps that must be completed.

Choose a user name, password, email address and the field that best describes the type of work performed on the first page to set up your account. Several choices are available, including Counselor and various specialized counselors, Clinical Social Worker, Psychoanalyst, Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Treatment Facility worker. Other options are available for those not fitting one of the categories in the drop-down menu.

Continue on to the second step and enter in your name and location. Title, name, address and phone number fields are required. Optional fields include Credentials, such as MA or PhD, Company Name and Website. Submit this information to proceed to the third page, where you enter information about the practice and credentials.

Enter in the years of experience, school and graduation date and licensing information. All information is required. You have the option to provide your license number, your supervisors license number, or you can select no license. When the no-license option is selected, you are required to provide alternative credentials on the form and by fax. Alternative credentials include a certificate, diploma, license or membership. MDs must also provide board certification and signify whether or not they have hospital experience.

Enter your payment information for your membership on the fourth page of the setup process. Choose a billing period and enter your credit card information to submit your profile to The Therapy Directory. You can choose monthly billing or yearly billing, and the membership fee includes a free subscription to Psychology Today magazine.


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