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How to Get a Venipuncture Certificate in California

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Venipuncture involves the injection of contrast material into patients for the purposes of X-rays and other diagnostic procedures. Professionals offering venipuncture must be skilled in physically administering contrast material as well as deciding dose amounts and managing any allergic reactions. In California, you must have a radiologic technologist certification from the California Department of Public Health as well as a separate certification in venipuncture. If you are already a certified radiologic technologist, you can get your venipuncture certification by taking an approved venipuncture course. Radiologic technologist salaries start at approximately $65,000 and average between $75,000 and $90,000 per year.

Enroll in a radiologic technologist program. These programs generally take two years to complete and involve clinical as well as classroom training. Tuition fees vary from school to school, but Calfornia residents can expect to pay approximately $2,000 in tuition and materials fees for a two-year program. The California Society of Radiologic Technologists offers a number of scholarships for students pursuing radiologic careers. You can find a list of California schools that offer radiologic technology programs on the California Department of Public Health website.

Take a state-approved course in venipuncture. Many colleges offer venipuncture as a course as part of their radiologic technology programs. Alternatively, the CSRT offers a stand-alone venipuncture course. The CSRT course costs $125 for CSRT members and $165 for non-members. To qualify for certification in venipuncture, your course must involve at least 10 hours of instruction and CPR training. You must also perform at least 10 venipunctures on a living subject under the supervision of a physician. Once you have successfully completed this course, you will receive venipuncture certification.

Apply for radiologic technology certification. Even with the venipuncture certification that you received at your school, you must still be a certified radiologic technologist to perform venipuncture. You must submit an application to the CDPH. With this application, you must include a copy of your radiologic technology program diploma and the application fee of $75.

Take your radiologic technology licensing examination. Once your application is approved, you will receive information on sitting for your American Registry of Radiologic Technologists exam. You must apply to write your exam through Pearson Vue examination services. As of 2011, the fee to write the exam is $200.


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