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How to Become a Medication Aide in Kentucky

Kentucky medication aides are responsible for dispensing medication to residents of long-term care facilities. Medication aides must be certified as nurse aides and always work under the supervision of a licensed nurse. Medication aides often work in nursing or retirement homes or facilities for the chronically ill or disabled. Once you become certified as a medication aide, your listing on the Kentucky Board of Nursing nurse aide registry will be modified to reflect your medication aide specialization.

Get nurse aide certification. You must get state-registered nurse aide (SRNA) certification from the Kentucky Board of Nursing before you can become a medication aide. To become an SRNA, you must complete a state-approved training program and competency exam. Training courses and testing are provided through the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS). Contact individual KCTCS colleges for information on course dates and fees (see Resources).

Gain experience as an SRNA. You must work as an SRNA in a health facility for at least six months before you can apply as a medication aide. You must keep records of this experience.

Complete medication aide training and testing. Once you have completed your six months of work experience, you must apply to a KCTCS college to take medication aide training. Application procedures can differ depending on the course provider, but you can expect to undergo a background and health check and be asked to produce your SRNA certification, proof of work experience and high school transcripts. Medication aide programs involve at least 105 hours of classroom, clinical and practicum work and generally take one semester to complete. Courses cost between $650 and $900. Contact individual KCTCS colleges to find out more about course locations and start dates. At the end of the program, you must write the Kentucky medication aide exam, on which you must score 70 percent. Your training provider will administer your exam.


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