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How to Become a STNA Instructor

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To help ensure that patients in long-term care facilities, hospitals and home health settings receive the best possible care, the state of Ohio registers State Tested Nursing Assistants (STNAs) through the Department of Health. To become an STNA, individuals must meet certain requirements, including completing a training program. These training programs must also meet certain Ohio state-mandated requirements to be approved by the Nurse Aide Training Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP). Becoming an STNA instructor for one of these programs means you must obtain the specific credentials laid out in the Ohio Administrative Code, which can sometimes be a time-consuming process.

Become a licensed registered nurse (RN), if you are not one already. Accredited and Board-approved registered nursing programs are available at many Ohio community colleges and universities in 2-year associate's and 4-year baccaulaureate formats. Upon completion, you will be required to apply to the Ohio Board of Nursing and pass an exam for licensure as an RN.

Obtain at least two years of experience caring for elderly or chronically ill patients by finding employment with a long-term care facility, home health agency or similar health-care program. Note that nursing experience in areas such as intensive, emergency or general medical surgical care does not meet the requirements of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Complete a train-the-trainer (TTT) program approved by the Ohio Department of Health. You can contact the NATCEP office to obtain a list of approved programs, or consult with potential employers about the TTT programs they offer for nurses interested in becoming STNA instructors. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the STNA training program requirements found in Chapter 3701-18 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Prepare your resume and begin applying for STNA instructor positions. Open jobs can be found by contacting local long-term care facilities or community colleges that offer STNA training programs, or by utilizing job boards oriented to health care or education.


You may be an instructor for a facility-based STNA training program holding only a licensed practical nurse (LPN) license, but you must meet all additional requirements as well.

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