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How to Become a Certified Housekeeping Consultant

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Housekeepers work in the hospitality divisions in commercial, industrial or institutional facilities, whether in resorts, hotels, restaurants or hospitals. Executive housekeeper is a topmost position in the area of work. Executives supervise hospitality staff, manage service resources, handle divisional budgets and make key managerial decisions. A certification from the International Executive Housekeepers Association is often a requirement to apply for executive job positions in the field.

Get a high-school diploma or a G.E.D equivalent.

Get at least one year of experience. It is a minimum requirement to have at least entry-level experience working as a housekeeper in the hospitality sector.

Become a member of the International Executive Hospitality Association. It is a requirement to be a member before you can apply for certification. The membership is also a useful resource for career opportunities. The current standard membership fee is $160.

Complete the 330-hour housekeeper education program. Several community colleges offer coursework in executive housekeeping. The certification guidelines require you to complete what IEHA calls "330-hour program" or 22 regular semester hours of course study in a college or a university. IEHA requires you to take courses in personnel management, communications, housekeeping techniques, environmental controls, behavioral sciences and introduction to business. It usually takes about an year to complete these course requirements.

Get an associate's degree with relevant coursework. The 330 program is one of three ways you can get certified. Another option is to get an associate's degree in hospitality management, human resource management, travel and tourism or in health and safety. Associate's degree tends be a 60 credit hours program, and you're required to take 39 hours of IEHA prescribed courses and 21 hours of elective courses.

Complete IEHA's self-study program. Third option to acquire educational qualifications for certification is to enroll in the IEHA's self-study program. The program offers comprehensive study material — both online and in print — for purchase. The self-study material includes coursework in a wide range of housekeeping topics including management philosophy, communications and staffing. The program has a total of 16 modules of study with an exam at the completion of each module. You'll also have to pass the final exam at the end of the self-study program. IEHA members can order the full program material for $800.

Submit all credentials required to become a certified executive housekeeper. A completed application form, employment history, educational transcripts and the latest resume should be submitted to the IEHA for certification.

Earn registered executive certification. Fulfill steps 1, 2 and 3 and complete a bachelor of arts or sciences degree with relevant coursework to get a higher certification as an registered executive housekeeper.


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