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How to Become a Carpet Dealer

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Running a carpet dealership can be a profitable way to earn a living. People buy new carpet all the time to decorate homes, businesses, apartment complexes, etc. If you are knowledgeable about carpet textures and grades, you can become a successful dealer. Your knowledge of the carpet industry coupled with consistent marketing will help you bring in revenue as a carpet dealer.

Secure a location for your carpet dealership. The ideal location will have a place to store carpet orders as well as a room to display samples. This means you need at least two separate areas. If you can get a storefront with a warehouse area in the back that would be sufficient.

Obtain a business license to operate your carpet store. Don’t run the risk of having your dealership shut down because you don’t have a business license. Contact the governing offices for the city or county in which you want your carpet dealership to be located and they will give you directions on how to go about securing a business license for your company.

Get the proper insurance. Depending upon the guidelines set forth by your city or county, you may need a specific type of insurance to operate your carpet dealership. The department where you applied for your business license will give you information on what type of insurance your carpet dealership needs. If you’re not required to have insurance, at least protect your inventory and business finances with property and damage insurance.

Acquire carpet samples for your dealership. As a carpet dealer, your customers will be looking at samples to make their decision on what they want to purchase. Get samples from carpet makers and manufactures. Obtain low-grade and high-grade textures as well as a large variety of colors for your customers to choose from.

Get customers for your carpet dealership by holding a grand opening. Launch a direct mail marketing campaign that includes fliers announcing your grand opening. It’s a good idea to run discounts and special promotions in conjunction with your grand opening. This will gain the interest of potential customers and bring them into your dealership to check out your products.


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