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How do I Become a Jane Iredale Retailer?

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The Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics line includes foundation, concealer, eye makeup, and lip products. Jane Iredale owns the line of makeup she claims is actually good for the skin. According to her website, she set out in 1994 to create a line of products that enhances the wearer’s natural features and allows her personality to come through "See Reference 1." Becoming a retailer allows you to work with a company that is a supporter of animal rights, environmental protection, and the fight against breast cancer "See Reference 2."

Visit the Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup website home page listed in the references below. Click on the “Contact Us” link in the top right corner of the screen. A new screen titled “Contact Us" will open.

Review the screen. Locate the “Professionals” section in the middle of the page. If you are a professional, click the link provided.

Complete the information on the following page. Include your name, email address, business address, and contact number. After entering the information required, click “Submit.”

Answer any questions when a representative contacts you. Supply your tax identification number by completing a W-9 form, along with a copy of your business license. Supply any other information requested and become a Jane Iredale retailer.


Allow up to 6 weeks for the company to process your online request. If you have not been contacted, call the main contact number provided on the "Contact Us" page for the status of your application.


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