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How to Become a Hoyt Dealer

Hoyt produces several varieties of compound and recurve bows and other accessories used for hunting game. Game and Fish magazine ranks the Hoyt Maxxis 31 among the top 10 bows of 2010, stating the new design helps prevent hand shock during shooting. Since Hoyt has produced quality bows for over 80 years and continues to offer new, high-quality bows, becoming a dealer for Hoyt presents a chance to resell well-regarded hunting equipment.

Visit Hoyt’s contact page at Complete the online correspondence form by supplying your name, address, telephone number and email address.

Complete the “Question/Comment” section. Enter “Dealer Application” in the subject line. In the description box, type a request for a Hoyt dealer representative to contact you via telephone.

Locate your business documents and prepare for a call from the Hoyt dealer rep. The documents include your business license and tax identification number. When the dealer rep calls, request an application to become a dealer. Also, write down his contact information in case you need to contact him regarding the application.

Fill out the application. Include your personal and business information, dealership location, details regarding other types of hunting equipment you sell and your qualifications for selling Hoyt products, such as archery certifications.

Mail your Hoyt dealer application along with a copy of your business license and completed W-9 form to:

Hoyt Archery 543 N. Neil Armstrong Road Salt Lake City, UT 84116


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