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How to Write Goals, Objectives & Action Plans

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Goals are targets.. Each of us should have a set of goals because they are guideposts to a better way of life. Therefore, it is ibestthat you put your goals on paper, followed by your methods and finishing up[ with action plans. However, before you begin the process, spend time thinking about what you want to accomplish.

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Establish your goals. Your goals are a serious matter. You must be sincere and committed to attaining them. Therefore, after you have spent quality time thinking about your goals, write them down. You might have to re-phrase them several times before you are satisfied.

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Plan your methods. Your methods are ways to reach your goals. Telephone sales might be the main method you decide on to reach your goal of 150 customers in a three-month period. A secondary method might be direct mail.

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Start your action plans. Your action plans are detailed listings of the steps you plan to take to reach your goals. Remember to take one step at a time in completing your action plans. These plans indicate that you are fully committed and ready to get to work. If your goal is 150 sales in three months, and your method is telephone sales, your action plan could include making a list of the prospects you're going to call, writing a script that will serve as a guideline for your phone sales pitches and offering special discounts for the first 50 customers. If you resort to your secondary method, direct mail, how many pieces should you mail out? Who should be on the mailing list? Answer such questions as part of your action plan.

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Action plans require taking one step at a time. If the first step is to visit the library to research a special topic, then do so. If you need to get answers to a question, do not hesitate to ask someone.

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Ask the librarian to help you find books that address your needs. Also, check the Internet for more informationl.

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Read with a critical eye everything you have written down. You must be satisfied with what you want to do and how you plan to do it.


Do not become discouraged if your initial plans do not materialize. Continue to move forward on what you have planned by updating your goals.


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