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Appliance Salesman: The Job Description

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Considering a career as an appliance salesman? If you are outgoing, good at explaining how things work, and willing to be on your feet for several hours at a time, this type of position could be a good option for you. You’ll also need a willingness to be paid on a commission basis.

Welcome Customers

An appliance salesman is expected to warmly welcome customers to his store or department. A saleswoman should not wait for customers to approach her but should seek out opportunities to greet customers.

Identify Customer Needs

Employers want an appliance sales associate to talk with customers and find out what type of product they are looking for (refrigerator, dishwasher,) and get details on the type of features the customer wants the product to have. Associates should point customers to products that will meet their needs.

Explain Products

The salesperson should be able to demonstrate the features of various products the company sells and respond to any concerns the customer expresses about a given appliance.

Stay Informed

Employers expect an appliance saleswoman to keep herself updated on industry information, such as new technology or features in the company’s product lines. Sales associates should also be aware of any current promotions the company is running and what items it has in stock.

Make the Sale

Employers may expect sales staff to directly ask each customer to buy a product. When customers are ready to make a purchase, a salesman may need to enter an order and then follow up to make sure it is delivered.

Other Duties

An appliance saleswoman may be expected to train new sales associates and to make sure the displays in her area are clean and properly tagged.

Job requirements

Employers prefer applicants who have previous sales experience. They may expect an appliance salesman to work a flexible schedule and have basic computer skills. Some employers require a high school diploma and the ability to lift 50 pounds.

You may be part of a sales team, so the ability to work well with others is important.

You’ll have a lot of information to absorb, so employers may look for someone who is a quick learner.

Since you’re working on commission, you’ll need to be self-motivated to succeed in appliance sales. You also need to work well without a lot of supervision.

Some companies expect salesmen to travel to offsite events, such as home shows.


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