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How to Work In A Clothing Store

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Work in a retail clothing store can be very competitive and sometimes stressful. Some people work for commission, while others strive to have better sales and move up in the company. The job may require you be on your feet for long hours. In most stores, you will also be expected to maintain a friendly attitude. It is considered a good first-time job, but there are some things you should know before you apply.

Make a good first impression to every customer. While surly or stuck-up sales associates make for good comic material on "Saturday Night Live," in real life those types are not employed for long. Smile and be courteous when customers enter the store or when you interact with them on the sales floor or the check-out counter.

Learn the landscape of your store. Most clothing stores aren't that large, and customers will expect you to know where everything is. Learn where even the most obscure items can be found.

Get to know your customers. Learn their names, and what they might be interested in. Use their names when talking to them. It makes the experience more personal and inviting for the customer and can encourage them to come back.

While it's not a requirement, it will help you to keep up with current fashion trends. A customer will expect you to give "expert" advice on their purchases. If you're asked what top might go with what pants, you should know enough about fashion to give a good answer. If the customer has something that doesn't work, avoid making any negative comment. Be kind and suggest a different piece of clothing.

Stay organized. Clothing stores have to look neat and clean, which includes carefully folded clothes in the display bins. You will be expected to fold clothes quickly and neatly. You must also dress appropriately. The store will likely have a dress code to follow.

Know your math and muscles. Most clothing stores don't have enough employees to have one full-time person working the cash register. You may need to learn how to work the register and handle cash. Stock employees are rare in small stores. You may need to move and unpack boxes of clothes, some of which could be heavy.

  • Hold items for customers. Sometimes, it can be a hassle but for the regular customers, holding an item can make all the difference in their feelings towards your store.
  • Get used to the "pinch & press" method of hanging pants on hangers. To do this simply fold in the pants at the sides. Clip the hanger inside the folded pinch on each side. This is helpful for larger pants. It's MUCH neater and easier for the customer to view the pants or skirts.
  • Always suggest your store credit card when checking out. Ask if they will be paying with "your store's card". This is a great way to draw in credits.

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