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Job Description of a Pawn Sales Associate

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Pawn sales associates are responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of a pawn shop. Pawn shops typically sell and receive items like musical instruments, jewelry, electronics, handguns, etc. Lately pawn sales associates are able to offer payday loans as well. Because competition is high amongst pawn shops in a given area, sales associates must provide quality customer service skills as customers can easily go to other shops to purchase what they seek.


Pawn shop associates must open and close the store each day and attempt to sell items in the pawn shop for profit. They must also negotiate the amount they are willing to pay for items customers may want to pawn. Associates must suggest the lowest price customers are willing to accept for the item in order to make a profit in the event customers do not return for the item. They must also handle cash transactions and organize and label inventory.


Pawn associates may spend the majority of their day standing and walking around showing customers various products for sale. They may work a typical full-time schedule and can be available the entire time the shop is open. They will meet with different types of people and must be able to communicate with each and negotiate prices on various products. Depending on their location, they may work in urban neighborhoods or suburban locations.


Pawn sales associates should have advanced negotiation, communication skills, and depending on their location, be bilingual. They must also have quality customer service skills, be organized and be aggressive. They must also have sales and basic mathematical skills. They must be able to think quickly when offering prices for customers' goods.


A formal education is not required to be on a pawn sales associate. However many pawnshop owners hire associates with at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Pawn sales associates may also self-study sales material like various books and also attend training.


According to the average pawn sales associate (pawnbroker) can make approximately $9.26 per hour. The location of the pawn shop and years of experience can determine the wages of a pawn sales associate.


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