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How to Get Insured & Bonded As a Housekeeper

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Professionals who perform their jobs on other’s property may become insured and bonded in order to provide a measure of protection to the property owner. If you are a housekeeper, becoming bonded protects the homeowner against property loss you could cause while on the job. Becoming insured with your own liability coverage further protects your client, placing responsibility on your insurer if you are injured.

Contact a local insurance agency because they are the source for setting you up with both the insurance and the bond. Some agents specialize in specific types of insurance, so call ahead to make sure they work with bonding and general liability insurance.

Have your personal and business information in order. Depending on the size of your housekeeping business, bonding companies will require various types of information ranging from background and credit checks to client recommendations. It may be helpful to ask some of your regular cleaning clients if they’d be willing to provide a recommendation ahead of time. Your agent can give you the details of what is required for your specific case.

Assess your insurance needs. Your agent will give you different options regarding personal liability limits, and you should make sure your limits are high enough to fully protect yourself and your clients. Take job-site factors in to account when assessing your need. For example, if you use hazardous cleaning chemicals or have cleaning jobs requiring you to climb ladders or engage in other possibly perilous activities, you may want to consider higher limits. Homeowners' policies are commonly offered in limits of $100,000, $300,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000. Since you are insuring yourself to protect your client from having to make a claim against their homeowners' policy, you should choose the highest limit available.

Setup a payment plan for the bonding and insurance contracts. These contracts are bound by the initial payment. Your agent may be able to provide you with discounts based on your payment plan.