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How to Write a Resignation Letter to Coworkers

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Whether you love or hate your job, you may find the chance to pursue new opportunities elsewhere. Such opportunities may provide educational experiences, greater pay, more job responsibilities, or greater alignment with your career goals. You may also leave a job due to a partner's relocation to another city. Regardless of the reason, when leaving your current job, you may want to inform your co-workers of your decision to leave in a resignation letter. This letter may detail your positive experiences with the company, well wishes for your co-workers, as well as your future goals.

State your positive experiences with the company at the beginning of the letter. You may open with a statement like, “I would like to thank each of you for contributing to my experience working here over the years.” Follow with a list of personal experiences and areas you have grown in during your time at the company. Note projects you worked on and enjoyed with your fellow co-workers as well.

Include the next job you are pursuing in your letter. This portion of the letter can be as vague or specific as you would like it to be. You may say as little as “I am pursuing new opportunities,” or as much as “I am taking a job at XYZ company as vice president.” Depending on the circumstances of your resignation, you may choose not to address the reason you are leaving at all.

Wish your co-workers well. State that you hope your co-workers attain continued success at their job and any future endeavors they may pursue.

Add your personal contact information at the end so your co-workers can contact you once you leave your current position.