How to Rescind a Letter of Resignation

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You may have to rescind a letter of resignation at some point in your professional career. And if writing a resignation letter is a difficult career move, retracting the resignation letter can be even more so. You may change your mind about leaving your current job when your employer convinces you to stay by matching a competing offer. You may also decide not to leave due to personal reasons. Deciding not to leave your position and rescinding a resignation letter is a sensitive matter and should be carefully thought out.

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Determine whether your employer has any standard policies for an employee wishing to retract a resignation letter. Depending on the company, your rescission letter may or may not be accepted, unless your employer specifically asked you to rescind your resignation. Find out if the company has any prescribed forms, or if there are additional procedures or formalities that you should observe when rescinding a resignation letter.

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Consider your reasons for changing your mind and deciding to stay at your current job. The tone and content of the letter will depend on whether you have changed your mind by yourself, or whether your current employer persuaded you to stay by giving you a promotion or raise.

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Write the first paragraph, clearly indicating that you wish to rescind the letter of resignation that you submitted earlier. Be professional and succinct in your writing, avoiding unnecessary wording that deviates from the letter’s main purpose.

State your reasons for rescinding your resignation in the second paragraph. If you changed your mind on your own, you can state “personal reasons” for retracting the letter. If your employer was involved in your decision and promised a pay raise, promotion or some other improvement in your work environment or benefits, include the terms in this paragraph. Having the terms you and your employer agreed upon in writing will bind your employer to the promises.

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End the letter on a positive note. Once you describe your reasons for rescinding your letter of resignation, you should end the letter with an optimistic and forward-looking message. Be sure to express your appreciation to your employer for considering your rescission. In the final sentence or two, indicate that you are looking forward to serving the company and contributing positively for a long time.


The decision to accept your rescission letter ultimately rests with your employer.


Rescinding a resignation letter will question your loyalty to the company. Even if your letter is accepted and you continue with the company, you may have to rebuild your trust and your work environment may change considerably.