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How to Write an Exit Letter

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You've made the decision to leave your current job to pursue other career opportunities or another position at a rival company. You may find it difficult to announce to your colleagues that you're leaving your position. The best way to notify your boss or supervisor about your decision is by writing an exit or resignation letter. Once you know how to write an effective exit letter, you will properly express yourself, while remaining professional at the same time.


Address your letter to your supervisor. Your letter should be given to your direct supervisor or boss, not the CEO or owner of the company. When in doubt, give the letter to your Human Resources department.

State clearly that you are exiting from your position. If possible, provide the date your resignation will become official. Providing two weeks notice will give you ample time to finish any outstanding work you may have or train your replacement. Consider offering an apology to your employer if you need to leave your position with little or no notice.

Keep your reasons brief as to why you are exiting from your position. If you rather not give specific reasons, tell your employer that you've decided to pursue career opportunities elsewhere.

Thank your supervisor or employer for the opportunity of working at the company and any career advancement you may have experienced during your employment.

Remain professional throughout your letter. While you want to express your true feelings, it is best to avoid burning bridges as it may adversely affect you in the future. Leaving no ill feelings is the best policy as you may require a reference or find yourself working with your supervisors or co-workers in the future.


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