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How to Announce You're Leaving Your Job

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Quitting a job can be difficult. You may be unhappy or dissatisfied with your current job situation and feel it's time to move on, but are unsure about what to do or what to say to your boss. Never leave a job on a bad note. How you leave is just as important as how you interview for a new position. Remember, your current employer is likely to be contacted when you're looking for future employment. There are certain things to keep in mind when leaving your current employer.

Tell your supervisor you're quitting. Ask to speak with him in private either in an office or meeting space, away from everyone else. Do not tell anyone you're leaving until you tell your supervisor. You don't want him to find out from another employee.

Explain why you're quitting, but focus on the reasons why you're seeking new opportunities. Don't use the time to tell your boss off or air any grievances. Keep the explanation positive.

Give two weeks' notice. This is the standard amount of time you must stay with your employer after you've told your supervisor you're quitting. Two weeks gives your employer time to find a replacement.

Write a letter of resignation. This formalizes the fact that you're leaving. Address the letter to your supervisor and include the current date. Explain in the letter that this is your formal notice of resignation. Thank your supervisor and the company for the experience and opportunity. Don't write too much or explain the reasons for leaving.

Tell your colleagues in person. Be brief with your explanation and remain positive. You don't want any negative comments to get back to your supervisor. Your boss may even notify all your colleagues with an email on your behalf.

Stay in contact with your former co-workers and bosses. You may need to ask someone to be a reference for you in the future or network with an old boss to get a new job.


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