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How to Make a Resignation Letter

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When leaving a job, it is important to submit a formal letter of resignation. The letter does not need to be long or detailed but simply provides your employer with an official record of your resignation. It also informs the employer about important information such as your last day of work.

Determine your date of resignation. It is customary to give your employer two weeks' notice before leaving a job, so your letter of resignation should be given to your supervisor two weeks before your last day of work.

Address your letter. Your letter should be addressed to your supervisor but may also need to be sent to your company's human relations department. Check your company policies.

Write your letter. The letter should be concise but ought to include the fact that you are resigning and the date your resignation is effective. You may also include a thank-you to your supervisor and coworkers and offer to assist them during the transitional period until you leave. You do not need to include the reasons you are leaving in the letter, although you can. You should keep the tone professional and positive.

Sign the letter.

Deliver the letter. It is best to deliver the letter in person to your supervisor during a scheduled meeting time. At this time you can thank the supervisor and mention what you have learned and enjoyed during your time in the position. You can also suggest what you can do to assist during the transition and brief your supervisor on the status of ongoing projects and other items you will be leaving.