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How to Become a Wireless Tower Climber

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Cell phone companies all use tall wireless towers to send and receive signals. As with any business, accidents and equipment failure can occur. In order to become a climber, not only do you need to be in good physical condition, you must be knowledgeable in the field of wireless technology, electrical repair, wiring and other job related tasks. You will need to be able to handle heavy equipment and be aware of the specific wiring methods for various products.

Join an apprentice programs at your local cellular and radio tower companies. You can also take classes in FAA/FCC rules, Climber training, Climber Rescue and Recovery, OSHA and more. Some classes, such as the “Basic Competent Climber,” can last just a few days; some can last for weeks.

Attend classes in the field of advanced electronics and communications. As a technician, you will need to have full understanding of the products and methods of installation for those products. Training for this part of the job will last months if not years in some cases.

Submit your resume to various cell providers. You can submit your class completion certificates and even to offer to demonstrate your skill level. Call the human resources department and reach out to whomever is in charge of hiring.

Get certified. In order to have a decent chance to be hired on as a qualified tower climber, most companies will require you to have two years experience. You may also be required to be a Certified Tower Climber, with rescue training and proof of certification.