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How to Become a Certified Ignition Interlock Installer

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Ignition interlock devices are added to vehicles to monitor the blood-alcohol level of drivers. In most cases, the driver of the vehicle blows into a breathalyzer tube before the ignition will turn on. The device beeps periodically while the individual is driving, which prompts the driver to again blow into the breathalyzer tube. Ignition interlock systems are becoming more popular in many states across the country as a method of DUI prevention, which translates into job opportunities to install these systems.

Check with your state's Department of Transportation. Rules vary for becoming certified to install interlock systems in each state. Find out which type of interlock systems are used in your state.

Become certified with an interlock company that your state uses for its interlock systems. You have to know exactly how to install and unistall the device in a way that does not damage the car or the device. Contact the companies after finding out which devices your state uses. For example, as of December 2010, Missouri uses Intoxalock-Model 1001A, Draeger Interlock XT and Life Safer FC-100 models. These devices are made by Consumer Safety Technology. Contact Consumer Saftey Technology to find out about becoming a certified technician.

Look for jobs with authorized service centers who install ignition interlock systems in your state. Depending on state rules, these centers might provide training to newly hired applicants or you might be required to seek training with the ignition interlock device manufacturer. Authorized service centers can be found by calling your state's Department of Transportation or visiting their website.

Apply to become an authorized service system for installing ignition interlock devices. The Intoxalock Company requires that service centers have $1 million garage-keeper's insurance, a separate waiting room for people, 12-volt experience and a desire to keep your community safe. This step requires more initial investment than simply becoming an ignition interlock installer, but might be appealing to those with a garage or money to invest. Contact the ignition interlock providers in your state for more information on becoming an authorized service provider.

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