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How to Drive Cars Across the Country as a Job

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Driving across the country is a fun option for anyone who enjoys seeing the sites, traveling by car or who wants to feel the differences between states as they drive. Unfortunately, driving across the country can add up quickly in gas prices and problems with the vehicle. Fortunately, with mobile advertising options, it is possible to make money while driving across the country. It is important to note that mobile advertising differs by company in how much they pay.

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Obtain a directory of companies that advertise on cars. There are several programs available, such as Ads on Wheels, Ad Smart or The Free Car. Some companies offer advertisements on an existing vehicle, while others offer a free car with the ads already on it. These companies pay to have an advertisement placed on a vehicle.

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Apply to the company. Depending on the company, application methods will differ. For companies that have a directory listing, there might be a fee which is usually around $30 and applications are sent to the companies in the lists. For companies that are advertising to put their own ads, apply directly to the company. The company will need to know age, miles per month on the vehicle, the area where the vehicle is driven and a driving record.

Negotiate with the company. Inform the company of plans to drive across the country, the route, stops along the way and any other similar information. Some companies might turn down the opportunity if they want to advertise only in a specific area while others might like a driver taking the vehicle across the country.

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Agree on the amount paid for the advertising. The amount paid will depend on several factors, such as the company who is advertising and the need to advertise in the area. The amounts paid for car advertisements can range from only about $300 to around $900 or more per month.


Try to avoid companies that charge a fee. If using a company that charges a fee, always check for a money back guarantee before paying for the service.