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How do I Become a Mobile Billboard Advertiser?

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Becoming a mobile billboard advertiser takes time, effort and money. When businesses are always looking for the next new way to advertise, this can be a lucrative business. Mobile billboard advertising can be done on a small scale with a single vehicle or on a large scale with several vehicles. You can also be hired to drive a vehicle, yours or the advertiser's, and get paid by a mobile billboard company.

Driving for a Mobile Billboard Company

Get hired by a mobile billboard company. Determine if you will be driving one of the company's vehicles or putting advertising on your own vehicle. Some offer options and some do not. You may have to be willing to deface your car with advertising and agree to drive a certain amount of time or distance to get hired. The companies can be found online by searching for "get paid to drive" or "mobile billboard business." You will need to provide details of how often you drive and where, also where you park and if you have a clean driving record. Living in a big city is ideal for this type of work.

Drive the required amount of time or miles that you agreed to. Where you park will also be important to the company. It will want the advertisement to be exposed to as many people as possible.

Collect your payment from the mobile billboard company for driving and exposing its advertising. Some companies pay up to $1,500 per month, but the payment amount and schedule varies from company to company. The campaigns for each advertisement last anywhere from three months to two years, depending on the advertiser.

Start a Mobile Billboard Business

Buy a vehicle or vehicles on which you are going to put advertising or find a trucking company, taxi or transit company, or delivery service that will work with you by putting advertising on their vehicles. You can pay them a fee for this and pay to put the advertising on the vehicles. You can also hire drivers to place advertising on their personal vehicles or supply them with a vehicle with advertising.

Advertise and solicit businesses that might want to use your mobile billboard advertising service. Have a price list and examples of mobile billboards to show them.

Proof the advertisements before they are placed on the vehicle. This should be done with the advertiser as well as before it is put on a vehicle at the printer or sign shop. Most sign shops design and make the sign. Often a sign shop can install the sign. If you are opting for a magnetic or framed sign, a printer might be more reasonably priced since you will be doing the installing.

Apply or have the advertisement applied to the vehicle or vehicles. The advertising can be a simple magnetic sign, a frame, or a decal which is also called a wrap that is screen printed. A frame or magnetic advertisement are easier to interchange. A decal or wrap is more permanent and usually needs to be applied and removed by a professional. A wrap gets its name because it is usually very large and "wraps" the car in the advertisement.

Drive or pay others to drive the advertising vehicles around busy metropolitan areas. Park in areas that will get the most exposure.


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