How to Become a Mobile Hair Stylist

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How to Become a Mobile Hair Stylist. If you enjoy being a hair stylist, but you dislike being tied down to one location, consider starting a mobile hair business. Getting started is easy, and you don't need a huge investment. You can be your own boss and visit clients anywhere, anyplace.

Become a licensed beautician. Before you can start a mobile hair salon, you need to attend beauty school and become a licensed hair stylist. You'll learn a variety of hair care and styling techniques.

Apply for a business license and write a business plan. Visit city hall and submit an application for a business license. If you like, register a business name. Since you'll likely need a small start-up loan, write a business plan that's geared toward a mobile salon.

Buy equipment for the mobile hair business. You'll need to purchase hair care supplies such as shampoos, conditioners and oil sheen. In addition, you'll need to invest in a mobile hair dryer, styling chair and sink. Initially, you can operate the business without a mobile chair and sink.

Advertise the business. It may be easy to get clients, especially if you've previously worked inside a hair salon. Still, marketing is important. Place a classified ad, pass out flyers and network. Establish a niche and offer your services to nursing homes, assisted living homes and bridal parties.

Keep your prices affordable. Consumers love anything that's convenient and affordable. Offer reasonable prices, be professional and watch your business grow.

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