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Ideas for Setting Up a Chair Massage Booth

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Chair massage is a simple way to give massages almost anywhere. Massage therapists looking to increase their client base or find a steady stream of customers can set up a chair massage booth, avoiding the costs of renting a massage space or traveling to client's homes. There are several natural places to set up a chair massage booth.

Corporate Massage

Office workers grow tired as the day wears on and many suffer from repetitive stress injuries or sore backs. Using an office building as a spot for a chair massage booth guarantees a steady flow of customers. Contact building managers for opportunities to lease space in a lobby, or partner with the wellness division of a corporation to offer massages to their clients. Businesses may pay you a flat rate or allow you to charge per session.

Shopper Massages

Busy shoppers often could use a few minutes of massage during their errands, and may be more able to squeeze it in if your chair massage booth is right there where they are shopping. Work with a local grocery store or rent space in your mall or shopping center to set up your chair massage booth. Health food stores may be especially good locations for your chair massage booth as the shoppers there are more health and wellness-conscious.

Trade Show Massages

Partner with a business to offer chair massages at their trade show booth. You give the massages to visitors to their booth and they get increased attention and traffic as people come over for their free massage. Charge the business an hourly rate for your services and give your business cards out as well.

Party Massages

Advertise your services to local party planners and restaurants. Groups planning reunions, bridal showers, or other events can add your services to their event. A chair massage booth adds a nice touch to any spa evening and can also be set up in an event in a private home.

Gym Massage

Athletes can always use a massage after a hard workout. The lobby of a gym or university recreation center makes a perfect spot for a chair massage booth. Consult with the manager of nearby fitness centers and/or the university department of recreation to set up your chair massage booth in their lobby.

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