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How to Become a Brake Tag Inspector in Louisiana

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Louisiana requires all drivers to have inspection stickers, commonly called brake tags by locals, on their vehicles. Brake tags are updated once a year, and show that the car is safe for the roadways. As a brake tag inspector, you will complete a visual and computerized inspection on vehicles to ensure they meet state standards. You will also issue valid brake tag stickers and maintain a database of customers. To become a brake tag inspector, you will need both classroom and hands-on training.

Obtain a high school education or pass an examination to receive a GED diploma. While you do not need a formal college education to work as a brake tag inspector, having a basic education will help you land a job.

Learn the fundamental aspects behind vehicles, such as how the engine functions, proper safety features, and body styles. Having a good understanding of car engines and cars in general will help you with your job. You can take auto shop courses in high school, at a vocational school, or at a community college to learn the basics.

Attend motor vehicle inspection training through a state-approved vocational school. As of 2011, the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles has approved Louisiana Technical College to conduct motor vehicle inspection training.

Complete on-the-job training at a local mechanic shop or brake tag station. Most auto body shops or brake tag stations offer such training, which can last several days or even several weeks in some cases. This training will teach you the proper way to inspect vehicles, how to issue pink slips for vehicles that fail inspection, and how to print and issue inspection stickers for vehicles that pass inspection.


You must be in a good physical condition and able to stand long hours to work as a brake tag inspector.


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