How to Get a CDL License Online

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A commercial driver is first and foremost a professional driver. The only part of a CDL license that you can get online is the written exam. There are several Internet sites that will help you better understand the information. Upon completion of the course or study material you can schedule to take an online written exam. You are still required to take the driving exam (skills test) and a physical required by DOT (Department of Transportation) to legally drive a commercial vehicle. If you plan on driving more than one type of large-haul vehicle, you are required to carry a license for each class.

Enroll in an online CDL course. Online courses allow you take the material at your own speed, preparing you for the written exam. Course materials include state manuals; classes A, B and C; pre-trip (walking around the vehicle) inspection; basic controls; road test information; video and audio; and practice tests. The prices vary, so research which online course is right for you.

Study the material for the state you are applying to drive or for interstate driving. You can download a manual from the state you want to drive in that lists the requirements for a CDL. You can use your state manual, along with online preparatory sites, to aid in passing the knowledge portion of the CDL test.

The written tests differ depending on the class you are applying for and what type of endorsements are required. In order to pass the CDL written test, you are required to pass with a score of at least 80 percent. This percentage may vary form state to state.

Check with your state to schedule the written skills test. Once passed, you will then be required (in most states) to pass a road skills test before receiving a CDL license.

Show proof of a valid driver's license in the state where you live.

Pass a written exam showing your knowledge of either Class A, B or C vehicles, endorsements if any, and knowledge of materials carried, such as hazardous materials.

Pass a road skills test that includes a pre-inspection (walking around the truck), basic controls and an on-the-road exam.