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Greyhound Bus Driver Training

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Joining the elite team of Greyhound bus drivers requires more than what meets the eye. Once you have taken a look at the rigorous procedures and training program laid out for the selection of a Greyhound bus driver, you know that only certain kind of individuals qualify for this job. Use this guide to help you find out what the Greyhound bus driver training program is all about and how you can prepare yourself for the job ahead.

Minimum Qualifications

In order to become a Greyhound bus driver, you must be at least 22 years of age, with a minimum of three years of driving experience, be it commercial or private vehicles.

Greyhound also requires that drivers be able to lift/move up to 100 pounds and pass a background check. No more than two moving violations or accidents in the past three years or three moving violations or accidents in the past five years are acceptable. Lastly, there should be no driving convictions involving illegal drugs or alcohol present on your driving record.

Phase I - Qualifying

In phase I, you are required to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and produce a valid DOT card. You must also obtain a CDL permit and pass the appropriate alcohol and drug screening exams.

During this phase, students will have to undergo a 10-hour computer-based training course that prepares them for getting through the driving school in phase II. Once all lessons are completed, you are required to complete a comprehensive Phase I Mastery Test.

Phase II - Driving School

In Phase II, be prepared to go through 13 days of classroom instruction conducted by professional instructors, which also includes behind-the-wheel training. This part of the training program is held at one of Greyhound’s national training locations. All basic necessities are provided for by Greyhound, such as accommodations, transportation, meals and a per diem. During this time, you will pick up necessary job skills and clock more than 40 hours of driving time. In order to pass this phase, you have to be proficient in day and night driving, pass a log exam and a Customer Service Scenario exam.

Phase III - Finishing School

Phase III is the last phase of the training, which will determine if you will be selected as a Greyhound employee. During this phase, you will obtain a CDL with 18+ passenger and air brake endorsements, learn the Greyhound bus routes at your home location, and learn Greyhound policies and procedures. An experienced and veteran Greyhound Motor Coach Operator will oversee your classes and help you fine-tune your driving skills.

The Life after Training

Once you have completed 120 hours of behind-the-wheel training and passed the entire computer-based training courses of this phase as well as the Mastery Test, you will be part of the team of Greyhound bus drivers. As a Greyhound bus driver, you are awarded a compensation package that comprises of health benefits for you and your family, career benefits and other perks such as a free travel plan, 401k with company match, and a starting salary of approximately $37,000 per year.


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