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How to Become a Driving School Instructor

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A driving school instructor teaches people how to safely drive America's roadways while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Each state's Department of Motor Vehicles has its own set of rules governing the process to becoming a certified driving school instructor. Expect to take courses that provide you ample training in driving skills, safety precautions and advance instruction techniques.

Complete a DMV course in traffic safety. This course will educate future instructors in teaching driving safety to inexperienced and experienced drivers. California, for example, requires 60 hours of training. Contact your DMV for a list of local driving schools approved to teach this course.

Complete a DMV course in instruction and teaching techniques. This course will train you how to become an effective instructor in a classroom environment and how to plan an appropriate curriculum for your students. Contact your DMV for available classes in your area. Most courses are taught in driving schools and community colleges.

Complete a DMV course in basic driving instruction, which focuses on in-vehicle teaching methods. This course prepares you to instruct and handle conflict while students are behind the wheel. Estimate this course to take 30 hours to complete.

Secure a position as a driving instructor in a school licensed by your state's DMV. Most driving schools give instructors a written exam and background check before hiring them.

Apply for the provisional driving instructor certificate (or DMV occupational license) after offered employment. In most states, you must first be sponsored by the driving school before issued a license to teach. The driving school is responsible for giving you hands-on training in all phases of being a driving school instructor. This may include educating you about licensing and renewals, driving laws, continuing education, certificate requirements, teach techniques and educational equipment.

Apply for a standard instructors certificate after two to three years of teaching, depending on your state.


To open your own driver education school, you may need additional education and training in driver safety and business.


Suspension or revocation of your license disqualifies you from being certified as a driving instructor.


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