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How Do I Become a Liquidator?

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When becoming a liquidator, you must be able to research effectively and have organization skills. A liquidator career does not require a degree. However, you must seek training from a respected source, like a professional association to ensure that you understand all the aspects of doing a liquidation. Receiving training from a recognized industry leader has its benefits. For instance, you will gain access to the clients to help build your business, which is showing demand and growth, according to the American Society of Estate Liquidators.

Join a professional industry association. The American Society of Estate Liquidators and National Association of Estate Sales Coordinators and Liquidators are two organizations that deal with the sale of any item that is not land. An annual dues membership fee is assessed by each organization. Look at membership links to find the current rates.

Obtain training from an industry association. Training courses are available as at-home study courses or in-person events. Typically, you can be finished within a few days or weeks. Contact your selected association organization for details on when you can receive training. Training includes materials and sample forms to make the new career transition easier. Expect to learn about how to host a liquidation event and price inventory.

Receive referrals from your education provider. The association helps provide networking opportunities, training support and insight on the profession as a liquidator. You will collect the contact information of business owners and individuals that require your help organizing the sale of items, like jewelry.

Set your fee as a liquidator, usually between 25 percent and 40 percent of the revenue from sales during the liquidation event. Place this information on invoices and agreement forms to be prepared to accept clients.


Be prepared to deal with the emotional state of clients who may be parting with cherished items.


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